Seeing red

seeing red 2

Hey my loves! How was your weekend? Mine was good, had quite a few errands to run, so I was on the go all day Saturday, took my son out to dinner that evening and fell into bed totally exhausted.  Sunday was church and we are wearing red to acknowledge and bring awareness to heart disease. This is an issue that I am fully on the bandwagon about since almost 2 weeks ago I was hospitalized because of impending danger of me having a heart attack! ME…having a heart attack? No way, I would have never in a million years believed that would be me but it was. Thankfully I didn’t not have a heart attack and my heart has been deemed healthy (doing a praise shout) it was very scary and even more so that the doctors really don’t know what happened. I am now committed to adopting a healthier lifestyle that MUST include exercise as much as I am so not into exercise.

seeing red

No onto to more beautiful things, you would think that since Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, red clothing would be all over the place right? Well if it is, I couldn’t find any, or is it that I’m kinda picky, LOL. I couldn’t find a dress that was appropriate to wear in the house of the Lord for a reasonable price. That is until I stumbled in Ross and found this little gem just waiting on the hanger for me. It was perfect, fit me like a glove and had a pearl encrusted neckline which did away with the need for jewelry around the neck. Did I already say that it fit me like a glove? It is just a hair too short for me personally as it is a bit above the knee (I prefer my skirt line to hit the knee exactly) however I couldn’t pass it up for the price or the fit. Nothing a lap skirt can’t fix, hehe so I took her home with me.

seeing red 3

I added gold hoops in my ears and cheetah print pumps on my feet and I was out the door. I absolutely love dresses that you can just throw on add beautiful shoes and a bag then go. It is the essense of simplicity.

Casual Friday goes camo

unnamed (26)

It was just another Friday at work which should have meant really casual however this Friday we had clients scheduled to come in so I had to step my casual up a bit without going into full blown “office attire’ LOL. I had already chosen my outfit for the day on Sunday (I try to plan my work outfits the Sunday before) and didn’t want to change it so I had to be creative in how to modify it. So I decided to make my camo jacket the focus and dress the rest of me in tones of tan with a sliver of leopard thrown in. I didn’t know how it was going to turn out but fortunately for me…I loved it!

unnamed (25)

I am getting major use out of my DIY gold sprayed pearls! I’m learning to attempt to recycle and item before getting rid of it. Waste not want not!


Rainy days but not Mondays always get me down

channeling Audrey 2

It’s Monday and it’s raining! I’m not bummed about it being Monday but this rain is killing my vibe. Going home to eat spaghetti parmiagiana with sausage then veg out on Netflix the rest of the evening. You may never see me again, LOL!


channeling Audrey Too much rain, wasn’t feeling heels so I channeled Audrey Hepburn in my LBD and flats. Added gold pearls for extra glam!

Sweater weather…

Fur Friday-1

Ok get ready for it, here it comes….ITS’ COLD!!! The weather is being disrespectful to my life right now here in oh so not sunny Jacksonville, Florida. It is cold and gloomy…not feeling it!!  I ran from New Jersey because of this type of treatment if this keeps up I’m going to have to consider somewhere tropical for real. Maybe my beloved Jamaica? But anyhow it’s Friday and I’m having pizza tonight with my girl, Monique so all is right with the world.

Fur Friday

I’m casually dressed today in my trouser boot leg jeans and a cropped sweater. Nothing fussy just comfortable. Sometimes you just want no fuss just cute and comfortable. Today is such a day.

Have a great weekend and stay warm!!

First Sunday of 2015

First Sunday of 2015

Happy New Year!!! So glad to be on the other side of 2014! A new year and I am looking forward to wonderful things to happen in it. Ooh look at me, writing a new post within days of the New year and on a Sunday, LOL. I really want to take an after church nap however the child won’t cooperate with my plan, so instead I write. In most Baptist churches, the ministers either wear robes or black suits. I decided to go back to my roots by putting on an all Black ensemble for church.

First Sunday of 2015 -2

I grabbed a thin tee shirt, with my Forever 21 black quilted skirt, wrapped a leopard print belt around my waist and cheetah print pointy toe pumps by 9W and I was ready. You didn’t think I was going to go totally black did ya? I felt it needed a little interest since I wore very little jewelry.

First Sunday of 2015- 4

It’s a lovely 80 degrees today despite the sun playing hide and seek with us and I am not complaining at all. You know this is my kind of weather baby!

First Sunday of 2015- 1


My dinner is done and I’m starving so I’m headed to fix my plate. What are you doing this fine day?

Fashion Break: Rewind

I made it

As we are in the final days of 2014 I have been spending lots of time rewinding and replaying the events of this past year in my mind. It’s been a REALLY rough year y’all!!!  The beginning of the year ended a job that I hated and ushered in a new job that I love. I thought that was the start of great things however in the blink of an eye that all changed. My 10 year marriage ended without any warning. Yes there were problems but every relationship has them and you always believe that you will love enough to work through them. Sadly that was not the case and within 18 days I was divorced. It happened so fast that some people still don’t know we are divorced as of this post. Talk about life changing…whew. I didn’t know what hit me but for sure I got hit and hard.

I’ve spent the past 7 months working through all the whys, what if’s; the fears, insecurities, hurts and while I am not completely healed, I am better. Much better. I see clearly now, I can finally see me. I accept who I am, my role I played in all this and how to be in relationship with the most important person. Myself. I am able to face life head on and ready to focus on what was and is good.

What I know for sure is this, God loves me, is always with me and will never leave me.  I have children who love and need me, I was blessed with 2 grandsons in February and May who along with my older two grandsons have captured my heart. I have formed a core group of some really awesome women who love and support me. I am learning my job, doing well in it and enjoying it immensely. I found a church that feeds me. is progressive, growing and preaches the whole counsel of God. And this coming year, I am ready to get back into ministry in and out of the church walls. And no I haven’t given up on love, I am working on being the best person I can be so when the right person comes along, I will be ready.

2014 was a year of intense growth for me, as I am still growing, learning, maturing, healing, I am also moving forward to happier times. I am fully expecting 2015 to be a year of watching God’s abundance overflow into my life. I have no New Year’s resolutions, I’ve decided to stop making them. My only resolve is to never stop growing, never stop learning, never stop loving so I can mature into who God has ordained me to be.

So that’s it, this has been a whirlwind of a year but you know what was the most awesome thing??


I was convinced that I wouldn’t, that I couldn’t but God wouldn’t hear of it, He did not build me to break, bend maybe, but break never. I won’t promise that I’ll post again before the end of the year so from me to you, have a Happy, promise filled with the goodness of God New Year!

Three’s the charm

sleeveless 5

The few days it’s chilly enough to actually cover my legs often leaves me scrambling for what to put on them!! That may not sound like a dilemma for you but for me who lives in Florida and has personally sworn off hosiery since way before my move to Florida…it’s problematic. I can’t wear jeans to work and I only own two pair of dress slacks, what’s a woman to do? Well L’eggs brand came to the rescue when they offered to send me a few pairs of their tights to help me transition into Fall.

Leggs tights


I’ve already spoken of my dislike for covering my legs in scratchy, woolly material but baby these were nothing like that at all! I’ve actually kinda fell in love with the L’eggs Sheer tights if that is at all possible. They are opaque enough to not look like pantyhose but not winter heavy which down here looks a little strange although when I lived in NJ heavy is what’s up. They also feel so silky to the touch and glide on with no tugging and damn near killing yourself to get them on. And a much needed bonus is that they make you look streamlined (which is code speak for slim) I have a kangaroo pouch so this is what caused me to fall in deep love with them.


L’eggs also has a Convert’-a-tight that is awesome as it goes from full fledged tights to leggings, yes you read right! Genius right? They also have a great boot tight that I haven’t had an opportunity to wear since it is in the high 70’s right now. Don’t hate, you could live here too LOL! Yes I was gifted them but you can best believe that I will be purchasing this brand from now on!

She works hard for the money

sleeveless dress


sleeveless dress 3

This little ole $9.99 dress that I got from Ross for Less is a hard worker! I can’t afford to buy one season wonders and put them up until warmer weather rolls around again (although in Florida, it is mostly warm weather) my clothes have to do more than work for one look or occasion. So I picked up this dress late summer/early fall and wore it as is…sleeveless, no jacket, bare legs.

unnamed (23)

unnamed (24)

Then on a day when there was a little chill in the air, I pulled on the same dress but with my quilted sweatshirt over it. Voila, we now have a skirt and a shirt,

sleeveless dress4

Today as it is even chillier I slipped a white button down up shirt underneath it belted it at the waist and grabbed my trusty black office blazer for warmth with tights to keep my legs warm.

sleeveless 5


Three looks, easy peasy with hardly any thought involved at all…done and done.

How do you make your clothes work for you? Do tell, I’ve got to get a little more mileage out of this dress!

Like butter

faux leather skirt

I’m just jumping right into this post because I can’t stop gushing about this skirt! OMG, it’s so fabulous I can hardly stand it. And when I find something fabulous that means I want to wear it to death! I’ve already worn it twice this week and fighting the urge to put it on again. I use to fear repeating clothing however isn’t that why we buy them to wear them as we please? So should you see me around town in the skirt, just smile and pray for me to show some restraint, LOL.

faux leather skirt2

My blogger boo, Jaye of Curvatude turned me on to this skirt and she knows her clothes. I try not to fall victim to purchasing every item that comes recommended by a blogger but this one I really couldn’t pass up. Let’s dig into the goodness of this skirt. The skirt is part of the June Ambrose collection on HSN.  It’s a faux leather but truthfully I couldn’t believe the quality. It’s so well made I’m spoiled on wearing just any old faux leather now. The color is not your usual black. As much as I love black and you know I do, I didn’t feel compelled to get black for a change. It’s a rich looking and feeling butterscotch color that is gloriously full, sweeping, lined and wait for it…has pockets!!! Just divine! June Ambrose out did herself with this but really what else can you expect from the reigning queen of fabulousness herself?

faux leather skirt 3

I wore the skirt on Sunday to church and it was a bit nippy outside so I styled it simply with a long sleeved black tee shirt and animal print pumps. This skirt brings it’s own drama so no need to do anything except let it do it’s thing. Instead of my usual statement piece necklace I added as scarf around my neck, a studded gold belt and a snakeskin clutch.

faux leather skirt 4

Stay tuned for the next way it shows itself on the blog! Have a beautiful day!