Fashion Break: It’s never a bad day

Sorry for the lack of style posts this week, I am dealing with a wicked case of the flu that I have been denying I have. I’ve been plugging along going to work daily while hacking up a lung or two, trying to calm the raging inferno in my body that makes me feel either like a igloo or that hell is a real place and that place is inside of me. In short I am miserable! And to top it off I just want to live in my bed, being outside of it and away from it is getting increasingly difficult.

Some of it is caused by me being genuinely ill but a small part is me just not wanting to deal with life right now. It all seems so much better from my bed. I’ve been here before, I don’t like where this is headed so I am pulling a U-turn quickly before this thing really gets out of control.

There is a quote that says “Its a bad day, not a bad life”, I believe in that but if I may go a step further I will add that there are “no bad days, just bad things that may have happened in that day” . I’m sticking by that principle, I’m not having bad days just some not so great things happening in those days. If I look at it from this perspective it leaves room for goodness to show up any any given moment. I could use some extra goodness in my life, how about you?

I won’t promise you that I’m not going to spend a good part of my weekend in bed (partially because I really should be in it recovering ) however I will say that I will make an effort to spend less of the weekend in it…deal? Have a wonderful weekend…Spring has finally sprung for most of you, get out and enjoy it!


Fashion Break: This is why I still blog


Many times over the years even as recent as a few days ago I thought about giving up my blog. I felt like as much as I enjoyed it, what was it really doing for anyone. I’m not a big time blogger who has a huge readership with hundreds of comments per post and stats off the charts (I don’t even look at my stats anymore after being turned down by a blogger collaborative. Not enough page views or whatever) so I figured who cares if one more blogger calls it a day? But each time I said I’ll blog another month (I’m paying my hosting fees month by month because I was not committed to the full year yet). What you are about to read next is exactly why I’m holding on.

No matter how well I think I know God and the awesomeness of who He is, He still never fails to amaze me with how much He loves me and that He is thinking of me. This is how today went, been visiting a new church for a few weeks now, loved what I had been seeing, feeling, experiencing. Was praying for God’s direction in whether or not I belonged there, was I supposed to join this ministry? Service was great, when the invitation was extended…I joined, but that is not what was so amazing, what happened after is what did it for me.

I picked up my children from the Children’s Ministry, left the building to walk to my car and heard someone call my name. I turned around kinda startled because I don’t know anyone here only to see this beautiful, smiling face walking towards me. She introduced herself to me then proceeded to tell me that she followed my blog, had been following it for years while I still lived in NJ, loved my style and wished she could meet me in person (ME, are you serious?). Well of course you know the story, I moved to Jacksonville almost 3 years ago but we never crossed paths until today. She promptly introduced me to her husband as her friend in her head from the internet and declared herself my friend for real. Can you say I was dropping a few tears!! No one wants to admit that they are lonely and in need of friendship but I was and I’m not ashamed to say it. God already had a plan, He already had someone in place, I just had to finally get to where I was supposed to be.

Is not God simply wonderful? You already know my struggle in making friends since moving here and the one friend I had moved back to NJ in February. Not only did God answer my prayers about a church home but he instantly gave me a friend. It never ceases to amaze me how intimately God is actively working in our lives. This truly was not coincidence, if you knew the back story of what’s been my church life this past year, you would know this was nothing but the divine hand of God himself.

I have incredible favor with God! He loves me and has a plan and a purpose for my life. I knew it all along but this served as a reminder. In case you forget that He loves you too and has you on His mind, think on this.You have a reason to be here and purpose to fulfill, my blog is a part of mine and so I blog on.

Happy Sunday!

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Fashion Break: It is finished

I don’t even know how to start this yet I am compelled to write. Once again I’m sharing parts of my life that I would rather remain hidden. I am bleeding emotionally yet you can’t see it because I bandage my pain by pouring into others, it has always been my way to cope.I guess I think if I focus on helping others I forget that I myself am in need of help. I am such an oxymoron, I’m open and transparent yet intensely private especially when I am hurting. I rarely share my raw pain with anyone for fear of appearing weak or too needy, so this is so very me but not at all.

This is my reality, after 10 years of marriage, I am getting divorced. There I said it, I no longer have to hide it, I don’t have to pretend that everything is ok because it is not. My soul is crushed, I am feeling things that I’ve never felt before and never want to feel again.I feel like I failed, like I didn’t try hard enough, I didn’t do enough…I wasn’t enough. I feel like this isn’t really happening but it is, it’s all very surreal. I have just finally accepted what will be and leaning on God to strengthen my heart daily. God is faithful as always and has sent a few gladiators who have gone into battle with me and without them I would truly be a mess. They are holding me up and shining the light of truth in my eyes, they also let me just cry and feel what I’m feeling. They pray for me when I am too overwhelmed to pray for myself. They just love on me!.I am grateful for their presence in my life. Although I am hurting now, I will eventually be ok, not today but someday. I trust that this is working for my good, God I will not allow me to go through pain without a purpose.

I’m sure you’re wondering why I chose a public medium to make such a private announcement.Quite simply, God told me to do it. I was led by the Holy Spirit in each and every word. I thought long and hard and wrestled with this post for weeks now. But here’s the thing, I am not just a blogger, I am a Christian who tries to be obedient to the Lord. I have a gift and God uses me through that gift to reach people. I am a writer and part of the fabric of who I am is to tell the story, my story, to chronicle my journey for others to have some light on the path along the way. I am a light bearer, that is what I am called to do and in order for someone to get through the tunnel, you have to walk through darkness to get to the other side before they arrive.

Pray for me, that is everything that I need and just be patient with me as I heal. There will be good days as well as not so good days. I will be gentle with myself while I transition into a new life. I’m not sure what that will look like but I am sure that as this chapter is ending, a new one has begun.     

Peplums and polka dots

peplums and polka dots

peplums and polka dots

The weather is warming up finally so I can wear the outfits I originally planned to wear last week. I paired my high waisted white pencil skirt with a duck tail polka dot peplum blouse. No fuss, just easy…outside of dresses these are the easiest outfits to wear. Shirt , skirt, belt, heels…done! Of course I have a jacket because I get cold easily and this top has a little surprise in the back that isn’t quite ready for the work environment no matter how liberal.

peplums and polka dots

peplums and polka dots

Until next post, go forth and please…Be stylish

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In my feelings


I read several blogs that cater to the over 40 woman, many of these blogs believe there is a cutoff point for certain types of clothing as well as shoes.As a woman who is in the over 40 category (after August I’ll be a card carrying member of the over 50 club) is there such a thing as dressing age appropriate? For me the answer is NO, I wear what I want, how I want to wear it. I am more inclined to ask myself is it occasion appropriate than age. I am big on wearing what I want but for the right purpose. I don’t mean no sequins in the day or shorts at church (don’t wear shorts to church ok) but like if you are going to work, is it professional? Even in a casual work environment there is still a need to be professionally attired. I work for an attorney however I don’t wear suits (neither does she but I digress) my boss is more concerned that I look polished. So within that framework, I wear what I like (except jeans, that is the only non negotiable) as long as I present myself as put together.

Now back to this age thing, I will rock a skirt above my knees in a heart beat because I have the legs to carry it off. I don’t wear minis anymore, however that is more of a spiritual thing than an age issue. I wear formfitting clothing because it suits my shape better than baggy attire. I think clothing should be worn in a manner that showcases your best assets and personality. I adopt the same mantra as many of my fashionable plus size sisters have, wear what you like but make sure it works for your body type not just because they make it in your size. I realize I don’t look like your average grandmama  and I don’t want to. Am I to suddenly slip into sensible shoes and shapeless sweats because I am 50? Not I, age marks the number of years you have been on this earth not a rite of passage for when you no longer should look stylish.  I express who I am and how I think of myself through my clothing choices. I am bold, funny, spiritual and stylish…I hope my clothes say exactly that!

What do you think? I would love to hear from women of all ages. Do my sisters of a “certain age” agree or do you feel that your best fashion days are behind you? And to my younger stylistas how do you feel seeing your mom rock the same type of clothing you do? And men I need you to sound off too, what do you want to see your woman wearing?

As always, go forth and please…Be stylish

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I’m not feeling very clever with the titles (maybe I never was, LOL) bear with me while I work this little issue out. These pants have been trying to be worn but I kept postponing wearing them because I couldn’t get the look right that I was going for but didn’t know what it was (yes I’m a little bit crazy). This morning it just came to me while I was yet again perplexed by what I was going to wear to work.I plan my outfits for the week on Sundays and pulled out all sleeveless items foolishly believing since we had such a fantastically beautiful weekend, the week would follow suit. However Jacksonville weather does not seem to honor or respect my choices. Get it together Jax or a move further down southern Florida may be in order.


Maybe this cold snap will inspire some more outfit goodness…


Go forth and please…Be stylish

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