Cream of the Crop


wpid-20150330_155431.jpg I love the lushness of the color cream! It’s not as icy as white but it still gives you the chic effect that only those pure, creamy colors can give.When I saw this dress on the hanger I knew I wanted it but I wasn’t too sure if I could pull it off for work. I purchase most of my clothes with the idea that it’s for work since I spend most of my time there. I decided to buy it and tone it down enough to wear to work.  Technically it’s a body con and therefore deemed not work appropriate. I think with the right accessories and the way an item is worn, you can totally change it’s functionality. Plus like I’ve said before I have a lot of latitude in what I wear to work as long as I keep it classy.

cream of the crop 2

Now for the kicker, this dress was $14.99 at Walmart!!! I told y’all I can and will shop anywhere, I do not discriminate and my budget certainly doesn’t! I paired this dress with a vintage duster I found in Goodwill a few years ago but I don’t get to wear nearly as much as it deserves. Kept everything simple with nude ankle strap shoes and a tan tote.

cream of the crop

The amazing technicolor maxi skirt


You know how you are browsing clothes racks mindlessly and all of a sudden you come upon a true gem? Well that’s how I found this skirt, I was at Burlington Coat Factory, actually on my way out the store when I saw it. The color caught my eye so I picked it up fell in love with the fullness and length then talked myself out of it…almost. I walked away but ran back, grabbed it and never looked back. This skirt was beautiful on the hanger but on me…AHMAZING!!!

skirt in motion

skirt in motion2

I was saving the skirt for the first really pretty sunny day then this invitation to the St. John’s Town Center 10th Anniversary celebration popped in my inbox and I knew this was the occasion I was waiting for. It was such a fun day filled with food, drinks, music and ending with a fabulous fashion show showcasing some of the mall’s best offerings.

swag bag

Be Easy

fashion show1

cutie pie


fashion show4

mr gorgeous


fashion show 3


I took my daughter as my guest and we met up with my girl and fellow blogger Katrice of High Heels, Good Meals. We had a blast as we always do hamming it up for the cameras, shopping til we dropped into our seats for the fashion show. Enough chatting let me show you this fabulous skirt and a few pics (well maybe more than a few pics) of the day.

mini and me

charlies angels



It was a long day but fun filled, I was a happy blogger

silly me

Dance in the rain anyhow

I bring the sun

As I have said before I usually plan my work week outfits on Sunday afternoons. I was very on top of my game this week so my outfits were selected and ironed, ready to wear. I was all geeked to wear this pretty pink dress from ASOS and my Antiqua floral shoes from ShoeDazzle only to wake up to rain this morning. Ordinarily that would have caused me to switch outfits but today I decided to go with my gut and wear it anyway. I felt good and I was happy in my bright pink!

You see I am learning to dance in the rain! The rain doesn’t stop my plans, it just sometimes delays them. Just like in life, challenging situations and difficult circumstances don’t alter the plans God has for your life, it just changes what they look like.

Spring Break

spring breakin

This year I was fortunate to be able to take the week off from work and spend my children’s spring break with them in Orlando, Florida!  My daughter and grandson also joined us so it was a blast! We had a great time, I gave myself a break from office appropriate clothing and wore nothing but shorts, sundresses, sneakers and sandals (flat ones at that). I really could almost get use to that type of life (before you smirk, I did say almost). I did nothing more strenuous than eat, sleep, hang out at the pool and ride roller coasters at theme parks. I did thoroughly enjoy myself. This post will be very pic heavy so be forewarned!

sea world palm trees covered up pool lounging Tati shamu Mahogany and Tris shark mouth breakfast roller coaster sunset TJ cool us We stayed at the Comfort Suites Maingate in Kissimmee which was a perfect base camp for us. They are a Good Neighbor Hotel for Disney World so we were about a mile from the Disney main entrance. We had a great experience there and I highly recommend it if you are looking for a clean, comfortable place where the price is right and you have all the amenities you need right at your disposal. A hot breakfast every morning, heated outdoor pool, delicious drinks and tasty sandwiches at the pool bar….um yes please!

I wanted to do at least one theme park with the kids and this trip, SeaWorld was our choice! Can I say I had a fantastic time? I felt like a kid again and can’t wait until we can return again. The SeaWorld staff were excellent hosts! I was a little apprehensive because going to a theme park with 2 children who have special needs is a bit daunting however SeaWorld made it a totally pleasant experience. They offer a sort of Quick Queue experience where if you have a disability that makes waiting in line for extended periods of time challenging, you can get a pass from Guest Services that will permit you to be given a time to come back to get on the ride without having lost your place as if you actually stood in line. AWESOME!!! In fact on a few rides the staff allowed us to just ride at that moment and not have to return. Kuddos to SeaWorld. I didn’t have the opportunity to experience the All Day Dining Deal but hopefully on our next trip, we can eat and ride to our hearts content.  I truly had a wonderful week in Orlando and look forward to planning a summer trip with the kiddos!

Fashion Break: And it came to pass


Once upon a time, not so long ago (like last year) this date meant something really special to me. It should have been a day of celebrating love and 11 years of marriage however on this day and forever more it is just another date on the calendar of life. Divorce. Never imagined I’d be here instead of over there where I once was but I trust it is all a part of God’s plan. I’m not sure of what I feel but I’m just going to feel whatever it is that I feel but accept it as just that… feelings that don’t dictate how I will spend my day. I count it ALL joy!  Moving forward….

Seeing red

seeing red 2

Hey my loves! How was your weekend? Mine was good, had quite a few errands to run, so I was on the go all day Saturday, took my son out to dinner that evening and fell into bed totally exhausted.  Sunday was church and we are wearing red to acknowledge and bring awareness to heart disease. This is an issue that I am fully on the bandwagon about since almost 2 weeks ago I was hospitalized because of impending danger of me having a heart attack! ME…having a heart attack? No way, I would have never in a million years believed that would be me but it was. Thankfully I didn’t not have a heart attack and my heart has been deemed healthy (doing a praise shout) it was very scary and even more so that the doctors really don’t know what happened. I am now committed to adopting a healthier lifestyle that MUST include exercise as much as I am so not into exercise.

seeing red

No onto to more beautiful things, you would think that since Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, red clothing would be all over the place right? Well if it is, I couldn’t find any, or is it that I’m kinda picky, LOL. I couldn’t find a dress that was appropriate to wear in the house of the Lord for a reasonable price. That is until I stumbled in Ross and found this little gem just waiting on the hanger for me. It was perfect, fit me like a glove and had a pearl encrusted neckline which did away with the need for jewelry around the neck. Did I already say that it fit me like a glove? It is just a hair too short for me personally as it is a bit above the knee (I prefer my skirt line to hit the knee exactly) however I couldn’t pass it up for the price or the fit. Nothing a lap skirt can’t fix, hehe so I took her home with me.

seeing red 3

I added gold hoops in my ears and cheetah print pumps on my feet and I was out the door. I absolutely love dresses that you can just throw on add beautiful shoes and a bag then go. It is the essense of simplicity.

Casual Friday goes camo

unnamed (26)

It was just another Friday at work which should have meant really casual however this Friday we had clients scheduled to come in so I had to step my casual up a bit without going into full blown “office attire’ LOL. I had already chosen my outfit for the day on Sunday (I try to plan my work outfits the Sunday before) and didn’t want to change it so I had to be creative in how to modify it. So I decided to make my camo jacket the focus and dress the rest of me in tones of tan with a sliver of leopard thrown in. I didn’t know how it was going to turn out but fortunately for me…I loved it!

unnamed (25)

I am getting major use out of my DIY gold sprayed pearls! I’m learning to attempt to recycle and item before getting rid of it. Waste not want not!


Rainy days but not Mondays always get me down

channeling Audrey 2

It’s Monday and it’s raining! I’m not bummed about it being Monday but this rain is killing my vibe. Going home to eat spaghetti parmiagiana with sausage then veg out on Netflix the rest of the evening. You may never see me again, LOL!


channeling Audrey Too much rain, wasn’t feeling heels so I channeled Audrey Hepburn in my LBD and flats. Added gold pearls for extra glam!

Sweater weather…

Fur Friday-1

Ok get ready for it, here it comes….ITS’ COLD!!! The weather is being disrespectful to my life right now here in oh so not sunny Jacksonville, Florida. It is cold and gloomy…not feeling it!!  I ran from New Jersey because of this type of treatment if this keeps up I’m going to have to consider somewhere tropical for real. Maybe my beloved Jamaica? But anyhow it’s Friday and I’m having pizza tonight with my girl, Monique so all is right with the world.

Fur Friday

I’m casually dressed today in my trouser boot leg jeans and a cropped sweater. Nothing fussy just comfortable. Sometimes you just want no fuss just cute and comfortable. Today is such a day.

Have a great weekend and stay warm!!