Living for the weekend

Living for the weekend

It’s so funny how our style changes back and forth. I’m so the overdressed woman that everyone is always asking, “where are you going dressed like that?” but lately I am perfectly happy in a pair of distressed jeans and an oversized top. IF I’m feeling really fancy, then I’ll grab a pair of heels to put on…if not my faux Vans work.  This weekend I had grocery shopping to do combined with a little sight seeing for my mom who is visiting me for the Thanksgiving holiday, so I knew my new uniform would be exactly the ticket.

Living for the weekend 2

I absolutely will go shopping in heels however NOT when the mini me is in tow. This look is making me happy as a french fry soaked in brown mushroom gravy. Yeah, I’m hungry too…it’s lunch time. But back to the outfit, this entire look is under $20, yes you heard me right $20. The tunic is thrifted, a piece I found over the summer brand new with the tags. The jeggings are from Walmart on clearance for $5 and the sneakers are also from Walmart on once again CLEARANCE. I am a power bargain shopper and I did good!

Please remember you do not ever have to sacrifice style just because you are on a budget! I never do.

Relaxed and casual

faux leather joggers.jpg

Jeans, leggings, joggers…I’m here for all of it! Lately that’s all I want to wear. It’s just so comfy! So that is exactly what I did this weekend, wear nothing but comfortable, roll out of bed and still look great clothes. I started on Friday with the faux leather jogger, yes they felt like butter and just melted on my body. Seriously like wearing pajamas. Added my bling Minister of Style tee, floral heels. Finite!

faux leather joggers 2.jpg

faux leather joggers3.jpg

Sunday I wore jeans to honor a brother minister who passed away back home suddenly in NJ. I knew him pre accepting the call on his life and he was awesome. After…he was just amazing!  Extremely humble and down to earth man. Incredible energy and he truly embraced the everybody is welcome, come as you are philosophy.He mostly always preached in jeans and cowboy boots so to honor him it was asked that all ministers in the Essex County area wear jeans to church on Sunday. I am not there physically but I was there in spirit.

camo and jeans.jpg

While I love cowboy boots, I have none at this time. It’s too hot most of the time FOR ME to comfortably wear boots here. I instead substituted some kick A animal print sandals and added a camo jacket cinched with a belt.

camo and jeans 2.jpg

camo and camo 4.jpg

I also am gonna post a few of my blooper shots that my little lady decided to create because she is who she is and was feeling very uncooperative with picture taking

camo and jeans4.jpg


camo and jeans3.jpg

Sweater dressing

sweater dressing .jpg I told you that I was all about the sweater this fall. Truthfully I’m always about that sweater life, I hate to be cold. There’s something about a sweater all warm and snugly, like a big hug! I adore big, slouchy sweaters but I am learning to appreciate a slim cut sweater that is warm as a cable knit but thin as a tee.  The weather is beginning to fluctuate a bit here in Northern Florida so I had an early opportunity to pull on a sweater dress.

sweater dressing 2.jpg

This beauty was snagged at the end of Winter for pennies and I stashed it away for the next cold snap. While I wouldn’t say that it was a cold snap yesterday, it was a little chillier than usual. I’ll take it.

sweater dressing 3.jpg

The colors in the print are so warm and reminiscent of all the leaves falling form the trees back in NJ. That part I do miss, Fall is beautiful in NJ, the trees here just seem to all of a sudden become bald and barren. No warning, or maybe I just missed it.

sweater dressing selfie.jpg

Fashion Break: It’s a different world…and it’s hard

A Special Needs Parents Wish List 562850_337027639717007_1321797081_n

October is known nationally as Down Syndrome Awareness Month.  It is a time to spotlight the achievements, awareness of the symptoms and effects of the condition and to celebrate the lives of those who live with this condition. As most of you know, my youngest daughter was born with Down syndrome.  It also causes me to think a little bit harder about how having children born with special needs have impacted our lives.

I just read an article that pretty much sums up how I feel often but never say. This mama got it so right!

Parenting children with special needs causes me think to about things that would probably never cross the average parent’s mind. Like if my alarm rings in the morning and I don’t shut it off after 10 minutes will they come to see what’s wrong and when they find me will they know what to do if I am unable to communicate what’s wrong to them or even worse, if I am dead? I am not a late sleeper nor do I usually need my alarm to wake me up. My children are accustomed to me rising before the sun, doing things around the house before waking them.   I try to have conversations with my 10 year old son who has autism that will not frighten him yet help him to understand that there are certain things that he has to know how to handle. It worries me that the simplest explanation seems to go over his head and he will be unprepared in an emergency. My 7 year old daughter at this time, is unable to comprehend and respond in a way that even if I was certain she understood what I am saying to her, no one else would.

When you live alone and have young children, you are concerned about their well being should an emergency arise however it is a given that after a certain age they at the very least understand to pick up a phone and dial 911 to get help. When you live alone and have young children with special needs, you have entered a whole new playing field. Things that seem common and normally taken for granted simply cannot be. For the safety of my daughter who is very independent and thinks nothing of opening the door to our home to leave on a whim, I have locks installed high enough that even in her most creative thoughts, cannot be reached until she is at least my height. But that also leaves them vulnerable if someone needed to gain entry to our apartment and I was unable to take the lock off.

You are probably wondering why I’m worrying about these things at this time? No I am not sick, to my knowledge I am very healthy barring a minor health issue and I’m not old enough that I should worry about dying of old age. But here’s the thing, sickness and death don’t have an age requirement to be fulfilled. You can be healthy today and gone tonight! I have no control on when and where that happens. I have to be proactive at all times when it comes to them. I live away from my home state with no family nearby , except for my 20 year old son who doesn’t live with me. He’s a 20 year old, doing what 20 year olds do. Not sitting around holding my hand, LOL. If I became ill or the worse, how long would my children be uncared for until someone figured out that they needed to come check on me? In all fairness it would only be a short while I imagine, their father calls nightly to speak with them so I would hope that if he couldn’t reach me after a reasonable amount of tries that he would make an effort to find out if I were ok. I don’t want my children to be scared, alone and unsure of what to do.  I need to create a system to protect them under these circumstances.

I’m rambling, I know but I’m rambling out loud because I need the world to start having these conversations. They are important.



I’m not gonna lie to you, I haven’t been posting much because I’m totally bored with my work wardrobe! I want to burn it all…well maybe a few pieces I’ll keep but overall it all get’s the ax. I am teaching myself to become more financially responsible so shopping for a new wardrobe is not an option right now #ivegot goals. What I am loving though is my casual clothes as Fall is approaching.

I’m just totally intro jeans, sweaters and great heels! As the weather changes my primary need is to stay warm! I wear condensed versions of heavy duty winter wear. I’m layering to stay warm but easy to pull something off if it warms up which during the day it tends to do.

Of course I’m still getting dressed for work but I’m needing ideas to wake up my work wear which has taken a long snooze! Help! ! Until then just know I’m still dressing well if not inspired but what I’m wearing and not wanting colder weather but I’m prepared for when we get a few days.

In print: black and white

black and white print dress

Fall is here on the calendar (we don’t have a true Fall season here in Florida) and for most of the country that means sweater weather and boots. If you were to try that here, you would truly feel the fire!! We are stilll experiencing 80 degree days for the most part however the early mornings are cooler. What Fall means for me is that I return to a more structured way of dressing. No more sundresses and flowy tops, I transition into pencil skirts and sheath dresses. I still wear sandals because I despise having my toes closed in usually and after all it is Florida and I must take advantage of the fact that I can pretty much go bare legged with open toes all year round.

black and white print dress 2

I wanted to show Monday that I am taking no foolishness from it, so I pulled on my black and white print dress. I don’t really know what the print is but it reminds me of a windowpane effect.  I’ve had this dress for a few years now so I don’t really remember where it came from but I think it was Ross. The shoes were gifted to me by my sister girl, Kerissa over at A Diva Mom’s Journey, they are Jessica Simpson.

black and white print dress 3

While I do love my sundresses, I enjoy the formality of Fall attire. I feel more polished and ready to take on the world…don’t I look it!

Vanilla Shake



This post title makes no sense but since I am wearing a vanilla color, I just went with it. You all have seen this dress before on the blog, it’s my $14.99 (I think that’s the price) Walmart lace midi dress. I’m trying to slowly re immerse myself back into less summery clothes (i.e. no boho, free flowing garments, LOL) so I grabbed this dress and actually put on closed toe shows. I love the shoe itself but you all know how much I hate having my toes closed in. Even when I lived in NJ, I would wear peep toe shoes in the dead of winter. Now that Fall is coming upon us (I don’t actually believe in cold weather but I digress)



I’ll tell ya, it is not the clothes that make the woman but the woman who makes the clothes. This dress proves that statement! That is all!



Just another random birthday post


This past weekend was my birthday weekend! My birthday was Sunday and I had all kinds of plans going on in my head for what I wanted to happen but what actually happened was…not much! For a variety of reason the biggest one was not having a sitter for the kids left me with a head full of ideas but no tangible way to execute them. Yes I could have done something kid friendly however my everyday life is all about family, I just wanted a day that was all about me period! So since that wasn’t destined to be I spent the day preparing them for the first day of school which was yesterday…YIPPEE!!!.




I did get a few hours on Saturday to be alone so I did a little window shopping and took myself to have a super yummy burger and fries at Ruby Tuesdays! (you do know about getting a FREE birthday burger by signing up for their So Connected program right? Go now…)  I decided that I wanted to be relaxed but with a beachy vibe so I grabbed a pair of white (yep I’m daring like that, white to go eat a burger) distressed shorts and a batik patterned tunic that I found brand new while thrifting. I slipped into flat gold and white thong sandals and I was done. Easy, breezy beautiful!

The kids and I did step out to run an errand or two and I felt like, it’s mah birthday I deserve to get fancy so I did just that. I slipped into my black tutu skirt with my Black girls are magic tee shirt (we really are) and just for fun and because I don’t wear heels when I’m running around with Tatiana, a pair of animal print slip on sneakers. I adored the funky vibe the outfit gave off and little girls loved it. I was accosted by several little ladies who told me that I was rocking that skirt. I will not argue with the babies, they know what’s best LOL. Of course I staged a birthday photo shoot and her are the results. I was showing out…don’t say you weren’t warned.


No my birthday didn’t go as I planned it but I spent it with the two people who love me most in the world and that’s pretty darned fabulous as far as I’m concerned. God added another year to my life and I’m so so grateful, if He spares me until next year maybe I’l spend the day the way I planned…who knows but I’m just happy I’m still here!



Jump in to palazzo pants

The return of the



Lately I’ve fallen into what is termed resort wear type of clothing. I think it the heat, humidity and just the laziness of summer that has me hooked on loose clothing. This palazzo pants jumpsuit fit exactly what I’m needing to wear at this time. I’ll return to my structured dresses but for now… This is what the doctor ordered. It’s strapless, black and white with a touch of green in a BOLD print….love! I actually wore this jumpsuit in the Angelwood Fashion Show my daughter was in but I’ve been itching to wear it for work before the season was over. Since it’s strapless I had to make it work appropriate so I had to cover up those shoulders. I was wanting a white blazer to throw over it however I have not yet found my perfect white blazer, so I shopped my closet and grabbed a short black cardigan to swap instead of a blazer.


I love the simplicity of this jumpsuit, it’s chic and the bold print is very eye catching! But what really sold me on it was the wide legged pants. I happen to be a fan of wide legged pants, I think they are such an elegant look. And of course the price point is great, $29.99 at Stein Mart (which has now been reduced to $20.99). Yes, I did say Stein Mart! I know everyone thinks it’s a nice store but for older women. Well I am an older woman but Stein Mart should be reconsidered with a fresh eye. I did see things I would not let my mother wear but I found more stylish, beautiful clothing than I expected. I’m not a huge lover of pants but wide legged ones, yes please!

palazzo pants.jpg