White skirt

White skirt

I am not a Monday morning hater, quite the contrary I have always loved Monday mornings. But this Monday morning was out to get me because I left my handbag which was in my tote bag that is hanging on the doorknob of my bedroom. Talk about a fail!!! I have been driving around town, dropping my kids off to camp and day care only to arrive at my job, bagless.  I did however remember my lunch though so I guess my priorities are in order, LOL.

White skirt 2

I try to make Mondays as simple as possible so I put on a stretchy white pencil skirt with a ducktail peplum sleeveless blouse. Add a pair of single sole sandals and my leopard skinny belt…I am ready for Monday but not without my bag which I am going home right now to get!

fringe sandals

This is how the shoe looks with the fringe

Happy Monday!

Life has never been the same



Today is my angel girl’s 6th birthday!!! From the moment she took her first breath, life has never been the same. It’s never been easy but I can truthfully say that I wouldn’t change a thing about it or her. Tatiana is ball of energy, a force that is sometimes unstoppable but always bubbling with joy.

She lives life to the fullest on 100 everyday…Happy Birthday baby!!! Mommy loves you!!

This is your life, dress for it!


The above quote is my personal mantra. It is my goal every time I leave my home to look my personal best. I’ve learned that when I don’t look good I don’t feel good and I project how I’m feeling out into the world. I dont need a special occasion for me to be dressed everyday is a special occasion as far as I’m concerned. But I said all that to say that I have recently learned that some women don’t feel that way and it kinda makes me sad. Clothing is a way to say so much without saying a single word and I try to say a lot through my style.


Call me vain but I just believe in keeping myself up regardless of what I may be personally experiencing in my life. I may be doing not so great but I don’t have to look it do I?.


Ladies and gents, looking good is something you do for yourself not to attract attention!  Now of course when you are looking good you will attract attention but that is a side benefit. Don’t wait for a special occasion to get cute,  your special occasion is right now today. Please don’t walk out of that house without taking a long look in the mirror and if you can’t say I look good today then give yourself permission to have a do over. Thou shall not be frumpy in my presence.  Friends don’t let friends give up on looking fabulous!


Now get to work. …


Little Miss Firecracker


The 4th of July was a perfect day!  I did pretty exactly what u wanted to do with exception of not going somewhere to see fireworks and eating some ribs (the greedy girl is showing). My day began leisurely with coffee and music then breakfast. After puttering around the house for s while,  I finally decided to get dressed to go find curtains for my living room. This was what I decided to put together to show my patriotic spirit. I did switch out the shoes later for silver flat sandals to be more comfortable and less obvious while in Burlington Coat Factory.


I had this outfit in my head for weeks but hadn’t gone anywhere beyond work and church for weeks. And these shoes are something special! ! What I love best about them is I can remove the fringe if I want. What’s not to love about that? ?



It may have been a bit much for curtain shopping but hey we’ve already established that I don’t get out much,  I take every opportunity to get dressed seriously!


I know the holiday is over but I hope you had a simply fabulous one! !


Dear Blog

photo credit: what'snextblog

Dear Blog,

It’s not you, it’s me….I know that’s what they all say but really it is me! I get dressed daily but since I don’t often have anyone to take my pics anymore, I just don’t try as hard as I should to post. I’m sorry!!! I know better, really I do but you know how it is, life happens and things go by the wayside. In my defense (you know I had to offer one) I’m on a shopping freeze, so I’m wearing the same things over and over again. I don’t have a problem with that for the most part (ok, I want new clothes so badly, LOL) but I don’t know how you feel about me doing that. I don’t want to break up, no I truly don’t, I love you so much so I hope you can be patient with me as I work all of this stuff out. Can we try again? Thank you for always seeing the best in me and giving me another chance to get it right!



Cathy, the sometimes blogger known as Minister of Style


P.S. You do know this was all for you, my readers right? No you didn’t, well it was. Much love!!!

photo credit: whatsnextblog

My starting over space


I am finally in my new apartment officially! Whew was that some project! I am usually super organized and plan everything within an inch of my life but this time, not so much. I don’t know if I was in denial or what but I literally didn’t pack until a week before and then it was only a few boxes. This was a time that my planning and organizing powers should have been put to use but noooo…I had to make it hard by packing as I moved. BIG MISTAKE! That little error in judgement caused me to have to move all the contents of my apartment except the furniture and larger items by MYSELF over the course of 3 days in my car. My car is not built for transporting anything beyond what can fit in the trunk. She is high maintenance with her soft, butterscotch leather interior that can be nicked as quick as looking at it. But glory to God, I got it done however can I tell you that I have had all the exercise I need for this week, my body is aching and I will be doing nothing this weekend except moving from my bed, to the couch to the pool and back!

Besides the obvious that I need to stick to my who I am and stay on the ridiculously organized and neat track, I also learned that less truly is more! I downsized from a large 4 bedroom apartment to an average sized 2 bedroom apartment, I quickly found out that I had way too much stuff. Not junk or clutter, just things that I wasn’t using. I gave a lot of kitchen items to my son who is just starting out on his own, some things to Goodwill and the rest I am thinking of  a way of blessing you my supporters with clothing and accessories that I am not wearing.I am adopting a new mantra that will manifest itself in not buying anything that I don’t passionately love as well as have an immediate use for. Too often I purchase things for future use that oftentimes never comes.

In case you didn’t know I am also incredibly anal about having everything in it’s proper place, so I literally worked myself into complete exhaustion to get things into place. There are a few things I need to purchase here and there to add color and make my apartment more “me ” but overall I am pleased with the results. It is filled with sunlight by day and blissfully quiet at night. There is a sense of peace!

Now that my closet is back where it should be (did I tell you that the last things I moved out and in was my own closet, what kind of fashionista am I?? ) I should be posting outfits once again next week. Until then have a fantastic weekend and a Happy Father’s Day to the Dad’s out there, I hope you are spoiled with love on your special day!!

Until the next post….


Last week

denim does work

Denim works hard for the money! From jeans to shirts to skirts to jackets, denim has shown how versatile it and what has once been a fad is has now become an absolutely indispensable article of clothing. I decided to elevate my denim shirt to blouse status by pairing it with a patterned full skirt. I wasn’t too sure if the look was going to come together as it appeared in my mind however I was pleased with the look.

denim does work 2

My skirt is a DIY creation as it was had a former life as a dress. I didn’t like the way the top of the dress fit me so snip, snip, snip and a dress became a skirt! don’t you just love when you can repurpose your clothes instead of giving them away?

denim does work 3

I added my beloved blue aviators to add a little punch! I have a collection of sunnies that I am sadly unable to wear most days because my vision now requires me to wear prescription glasses all the time. I’m thinking of investing in a pair of prescription sunnies but since I will only have one pair, I must choose wisely. Glam oversized Jackie O shades, classic RayBan Wayfarers or cool aviators….decisions, decisions.

Until next post….


Camo Glam

camo glam

blazer- Sears/ white tshirt- Goodwill/ camo jeans- Walmart/ silver sandals- JCP

Since I am a soldier for the Lord, I decided to put on some camo and dress like it, LOL! My church is non traditional in attire (love, love this church, they truly embrace diversity while preaching THE whole Word of God, shout out to The Church 3:20  ) so I can feel as comfortable worshipping in jeans as I would be in a dress and heels. Yesterday I wasn’t feeling dressing churchy (yes there is such as word, church folk know) so this is what I came up with. I really like these camo jeans because they are not the regular army green ones, these are a little softer which I think helped glam them up.

I’m such a lazy blogger, I fail to list where my clothes are from….today I shall start! Anyhoo, it’s Monday and I’m a bit swamped at work so bye for now.

P.S. And let’s here it for my 9 year old son who took this fab photo of me, I’ll make a photographer out of him yet!

Brighter days ahead

brighter days

My feet can attest to that fact that brighter days are just ahead. They are brighter than the sun and when I’m headed your way all you see are feet coming at you, LOL. I really wanted to wear this outfit today for some reason, not sure why but no need to fight it, I just went with the flow but added the jacket for professionalism in the office.

brighter days


I get some strange looks from people when I pattern mix, like they think I made a mistake or something, it’s so funny. I pattern mix my daughter’s wardrobe from time to time and then the looks really show themselves. I don’t mind eventually they will catch the vision.

neon pumps

Crazy patterns and bright colors are visually stimulating to me as well as a great mood enhancer when you need a quick boost! Clearly I was in need of a huge shot, hahaha.

brighter days


Until next post…..

How to train a Mommy



I’ve been diligently trying to to get my 5 year old daughter to grasp the concept of when she makes a mess she has to clean it up. This teaching moment has been met with much resistance by her and frustration and annoyance by me. Everyday she proceeds to take out ALL her toys, spreads them out all over the living room (she doesn’t even have the decency to keep the mess contained to her own room). then after an hour or so, she grows bored and walks off to find something new to capture her attention.

Here is where the struggle begins, of course I am not happy and insist that she come clean up the mess SHE made. She is completely overwhelmed by all the toys strewn everywhere and has no idea where to begin. After a few minutes of staring blankly at the destruction she has caused, she sweetly comes over to me and hands me her toys to clean up. As I prepared to take her by the hand to force her to do it herself, God spoke to me and I saw how he used my daughter to teach me something profound. She in all her 5 year old wisdom understood that she was in over her head and needed Mommy to fix it.

She doesn’t have the skills or experience to know how to put everything back the way it was supposed to be, but she knew I did. Can you say the light bulb turned on! Why do we try to fix the messes in our lives that we know we don’t have a clue as to how to do it?. Why are we not smart enough to take all of the mess, the broken pieces of our lives and hand them over to the One who knows how to fix it ? We think that because we created the mess that we have to do it alone without help. Did God say that? I don’t think so, doesn’t his Word say,Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy-laden and overburdened, and I will cause you to rest. Yes, that’s how God works, He wants us to come to Him in everything even the foolishness we created.

I couldn’t see how much He wanted to comfort me and tell me that it will all be ok just let Him handle things from here on. He had to use my daughter to get through to me. I’ve laid all of my issues, problems, concerns, burdens and hurts right at His feet, climbed in His arms and that’s where I’m staying… in the loving arms of the God who loves me, created me, redeemed me, restored me and will never ever leave me. Take it from a 5 year old giving it all to God is the only way to clean up the mess!