shorts and stripes 2

Believe it or not weekend attire is kinda difficult for me, I am always torn between wanting to be casual and comfortable or wearing the stuff that would not be considered office appropriate, which may or may not include heels. This weekend was actually a no brainer since Saturday I needed to grocery shop and heels are out of the question while pushing a cart up and down the aisles the kids in tow. Sunday was pretty much also a no heels occasion because the kids and I were headed to a birthday party and that mean lots of chasing Tatiana down.

shorts and stripes

Saturday I decided on shorts since it will eventually be too chilly to wear them (although here in Florida people wear them all year long) with a striped shirt and my new loves, my quilted sneakers from Target. Can I tell you how much I love them and desire to wear them with everything! What I love most about them is that although sneakers are very casual these have a chicness about them that I will be able to dress up a bit while still remaining casual.


It finally felt like it was cool enough to throw on a pair of jeans, so I grabbed my destroyed boyfriend jeans also from Target. I don’t think I’ve had jeans on since early June or so, it felt good slipping into these relaxed favorites. I added a graphic tee from Old Navy along with my sneakers and as my shirt says…voila. I did slip around my neck a little piece of bling from Walmart (their statement necklaces are ridiculously awesome and inexpensive) to dress my neckline up.

voila 2

I was extremely comfortable yet still had a pulled together look that was perfect.




Fashion Break: Respect the process

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I’ve been kinda quiet over here lately which quite frankly is nothing new. I haven’t kept on a regular posting schedule in so long. But I’m also posting less on my social media outlets too. I have so much to say however most of it is not appropriate to talk about publicly without being labeled as oversharing (aka telling all my business), so I don’t talk at all! Sometimes I feel I should be open and honest because of all the positive feedback that I have received from people going through the same thing. Then other times I feel all exposed so I close up, because I fear I’ve said too much.

I guess the truth of what I should do lies somewhere in the middle of all this but what’s real is, I’m HURTING ! My pain is raw, loud and unrelenting at times then quiet and simmering under the surface. Divorce has taken the wind out of my sails and I feel like I’m just moving through life, trying to get through another day with my soul intact.  I’m not depressed, I’m just sad…disillusioned with the knowledge that everything I thought I knew about someone, I discovered I don’t.

Most days I fight feeling the hurt that has engulfed my heart however I’ve grown tired of pretending to make people comfortable. I just want to be, I want to be free to mourn the loss of a life I thought would be mine forever. I want to be able to figure out how to cope with all the information that I now have and knowledge of what is yet to come without worrying about how strong I’m supposed to be.


So after reading GG Instagram post yesterday, I’m going to respect my sadness! I’m going to give it permission to exist! I have a right to my feelings and I will respect that! I will get over it when I do, I will let God do the work that has to be done in me so I can truly heal and not hide the hurts. I don’t know what that looks like, I don’t know what that feels like, I just know it will happen if I’m open to the work. This time…I am!

Like a nightgown but better, so much better


Oh so you can’t wear maxis that are as comfortable as your favorite nightgown and just as soft to work? Or you can but just on Fridays? Well it’s Thursday and I can everyday!!! This dress really is like a nightgown, its unbelievable how comfortable it is, I have forgotten I’m dressed and at work (Ok so maybe I haven’t forgotten I’m at work but at least I feel good) I just added this pink blazer to make it client appropriate and will switch into heels once the client arrives (right now I’m in flat sandals).

I was rushing out the door so I forgot my earrings (I feel so naked) but I did however remember a necklace and my always present watch.


I’ve got a full day of work then Open House for my little one immediately after so this outfit will earn it’s keep by allowing me to be comfortable and stylish throughout my day.

I know you all who love Fall are eagerly awaiting cooler temps but I do not approve of that message. I’m on team forever Summer. You can keep your hoodies, pumpkin spice lattes and such to yourself.I will continue to chill with my sweet iced tea and ice cream cones! And yes, I will continue to wear white and cutoff denim shorts because it’s Florida and I’m a rebel!


Orange is hot but can never replace black


Orange is my color! I’ve always been an orange lover, my apartment is actually decorated in accents of orange because I love it so much.  It’s just as powerful as red but happier I think. Now I love me some orange but it will never replace black for me.

I found this cute little dress in Ross and the cut is not my usually style, it was in my color, so I had to try it on. LOVED IT!! It’s a quilted material and what’s not to love about a zipper up the front?

This dress required nothing more but grabbing a pair of nude sandals, adding a necklace for punch and because I love green paired with orange I put on my new earrings that Trice gave me for my birthday. Done and perfect! These are the kind of looks that make me so so happy anyday but especially on a Monday.



What’s your easy peasy, go to look that always makes you look effortlessly polished?

Please forgive the blurry pics, I’m still teaching my 9 year old son to take pics and he’s doing fantastic but I’m not ready to pull out the good camera just yet. We are working with the cell phone still. 



Saturday was my birthday and I am so grateful to God for allowing the privilege of living another year!  I enjoyed my birthday weekend very much,  me than I thought I would.


It started on Thursday when my boss invited me to lunch to celebrate since I was taking Friday off. It was a nice,  relaxing time of eating and just catching up on fun stuff. My meal was simply delicious!




Friday was spent at the beach. .. my happy place!  It was hot but I didn’t mind,  I love the beach so much it only adds to the adoration,  LOL.

unnamed (1)





wpid-20140822_112917.jpg My evening consisted of having a yummy burger at dinner.

The actual day,  I just did my usual,  cleaning,  laundry and lounging until I met with this cutie for dinner.





We dined at the Wine Cellar, taking advantage of the Eat Up Downtown food extravaganza that was going on. The food was great but I’m gonna let Trice elaborate further on her blog about the restaurant since that is what she does best! !



wpid-20140823_194641.jpg wpid-20140823_201738.jpg






yep dessert number two!

yep dessert number two!



I can truly say I was blessed with an amazing birthday weekend and I’m nothing but thankful!





I’m ready to see what this new year of life will bring me.


Fashion Break: Celebrating my curves


This morning while brushing my teeth I did something that’s unusual for me,  I stood in my full length mirror and looked at my naked body. No big deal normally but what was different was that for the first time in a very long time,  I appreciated it!  I look at myself everyday but I am hyper critical and pick myself apart from head to toe. Some days I can’t seem to find one good thing to say about my body. … NOT TODAY!

Today I saw myself the way I really am,  not perfect but a beautiful brown healthy woman. I saw a body that is strong enough to give birth to six children,  survive 3 major surgeries,  2 c-sections and still healthy enough to run after a six year old in her 50 ‘ s (and I do mean run). I’m a little over a week away from turning 51 years old and I’m extremely grateful that God has saw fit to extend my life this long.
I’ve always been satisfied with my facial features for the most part,  I’m aging beautifully so I have no complaints but my body not so much. I’ve had large thighs all my adult life and since those six babies,  I’ve developed what I call a “kangaroo pouch” which I hated. However upon looking myself over this morning,  I declared out loud that I look good. And I do!  I will love this body that God gave me,  I will appreciate the strength it possesses and celebrate the beauty that it holds.



At least once during the summer I break out the white dress!! I’ve has it for a few years now and it’s such a feminine, fun silhouette that I can’t resist. I’m very feminine however I am not really very conscious of the fact that I have to be careful when wearing white. So you know what happens, I get a spill, a smudge, something that keeps me from being totally great in white! But yesterday, miracles of miracles…I stayed clean, oh happy day!

I did nothing more than add a skinny belt and nude shoes….oh and red lips, that was a must!


Happy Friday and lets’s celebrate the first day of August which makes me extremely happy as it is my birthday month!!!

Tribal Fever


I have quite a few pieces of clothing that I have deemed “going out” wear….what exactly does that mean? Well in my mind it means that I can only wear them when I am having an evening out, REALLY??? I have a very limited budget for clothes period, and since I spend most of my time at work, I’ve got to find ways to make my clothes work for all occasions. In comes the jumpsuit to the soiree, I purchased this jumpsuit a few weeks ago at Belk’s while strolling through to get to my barber shop (how evil is it that I have to go through the mall to get to my barber) it caught my eye as I was leaving the mall and with a sale going on it was very affordable.

But now the problem was while I loved it and saw it as something I would wear often, I had classified it in my mind as personal time wear not work wear. Now here’s the thing with that is, I don’t go out often, LOL!  I’m still working on that getting out of the house thing (pray for me) so this would have made this a not so smart purchase. I had been toying with the idea of wearing it to work with a blazer to make it more professional but still in the back of my mind, I wasn’t quite sure. Like I’ve shared before my work environment is very relaxed in terms of what I can wear, it’s more like how you wear it that matters, so wearing a jumpsuit would not be an issue.


The case was closed for me when my blogger crush Shea from Curves and Confidence styled her printed joggers for work. Loved it!!! Shea and I have the same ideas about looking polished and professional for work, so when I saw her outfit, I knew I was gonna do it. Last week my other crush Shaniqua of Fashion Pad debuted her printed jumpsuit that had me swooning and was the initial reason for the jumpsuit purchase to begin with. And may I say that they are my Florida homies and stay on slay when it comes to style!


I styled the jumpsuit very simply with a pink blazer and sandals. I plan to wear it on one of my potential evening outs with lots of gold accessories.

How do you feel about jumpsuits for work and how to repurpose clothing that seem to be more evening attire? Do share!


Go forth and please… be stylish

White skirt

White skirt

I am not a Monday morning hater, quite the contrary I have always loved Monday mornings. But this Monday morning was out to get me because I left my handbag which was in my tote bag that is hanging on the doorknob of my bedroom. Talk about a fail!!! I have been driving around town, dropping my kids off to camp and day care only to arrive at my job, bagless.  I did however remember my lunch though so I guess my priorities are in order, LOL.

White skirt 2

I try to make Mondays as simple as possible so I put on a stretchy white pencil skirt with a ducktail peplum sleeveless blouse. Add a pair of single sole sandals and my leopard skinny belt…I am ready for Monday but not without my bag which I am going home right now to get!

fringe sandals

This is how the shoe looks with the fringe

Happy Monday!