Sis stole my look (but I was the one doing the stealing)


Don’t you just love when you see a fantastic outfit on someone and instantly you know you are going to recreate it for yourself because a.) you have all the piece needed to do it b.) it really is a fantastic look and c.) you crush on their style in a major way! Well Shea has earned her crushworthy status on this one. It was something I do often with my skirts, even thought about doing it with this one but said nah, only to see it done so beautifully that I had to do it.


Simply make your maxi skirt into a midi dress by pulling it up a few inches north until it becomes a strapless dress. Didn’t I tell you it’s genius? I’ve done is before here and trust, I will do it again!

I work in a professional environment where it is appropriate to have my arms covered when it is as bare as this look is, so all I did is add my salmon pink blazer, belted my waist so I don’t look like I’m wearing a tent then threw on nude heels!



I love vests! They are a great layering piece when a blazer is doing too much but you need just a little something extra to finish a look off. Right now it’s in the 90’s easily here so a blazer is not in the cards but I can manage a pretty little vest like this one.  I hate to be the bearer of bad news but DOTS once again is going out of business however you can benefit from their loss but hitting the stores up before all the goodies are gone!


This baby has a boho vibe that I made more work appropriate with my hard working Old Navy striped pencil skirt and simple white tee. I already have several ways I plan to wear it and for $7 bucks it has already given me my money’s worth.


We won’t talk about my black and white combos again but at least I broke it up with a pop of peach on my feet. My sister, Kerissa who blogs over at A Diva Mom’s Journey sent me these sexy strappy heels….aren’t they lovely??? Love you Kerissa!


Mother’s Day the beach way


I’ve had pretty non traditional Mother’s Day the past two years. Last year I spent it alone, wandering the mall eating garlic Parmesan french fries and this one was spent at the beach. Very different mood than last year though. I was sad last year, first year spending Mother’s Day divorced…it was all I could do to keep from crying. This year, I’m good!, I was happy and I felt it in my entire being. I’m kinda loving the whole not doing dinner at an over crowded restaurant thing. I may keep this non tradition up, LOL.



The day actually took on a different turn than what it was supposed to be. I had planned on meeting Monique to go beaching with her and her daughter but when we finally arrived at the park, they had closed the entrance due to high tide and over capacity….BOO!!! I was so disappointed but decided to make lemons into lemonade and headed over to Jacksonville Beach. This was my grandson’s long anticipated trip to the beach; he’s never been (city kid from New Jersey) and I didn’t want to disappoint him.



The beach was surprisingly crowded but we found a spot, unpacked and settling in for an afternoon of fun in the sun. My grandson loved the beach so much! He was rolling in the sand and massaging it into his skin, it was funny but I loved seeing him so happy.



It was such a perfect day, blue skies, warm sun and even a breeze came through to keep us cool. God smiled on this Mother’s Day really hard! I hope you all had a wonderful day doing what you wanted with whom you wanted to be with!



These two can sleep anywhere

These two can sleep anywhere

Lazy Saturdays


So it seems like all I did this weekend is eat and hang out…yes that is exactly right! This was my weekend as in Mommy’s Day weekend and I did exactly what I wanted to do. Saturday afternoon I met up with my girl Monique for tacos at Burrito Gallery. I love this place so much! she took me there last year and I haven’t stopped thinking about the shrimp tacos ever since.  I was well over due for a visit and hanging out with Monique. It was such a lazy day sipping cocktails, munching on tacos and catching up on each other’s lives.




We also were up to our usual shenanigans complete with a photo op and this time our server helped us act plain foolish, LOL! she brought us the DOS Equis Man so we dressed him in my kimono and got him into the act.


In between all the silliness I ate and ate well, the shrimp tacos here are fantastic! i’m so stuck on them I can’t seem to venture out into eating anything else.


I didn’t want to fussy just cute and comfortable so my Mom’s borrowed now mine kimono came to the rescue. Can you believe this kimono is over 30 years old and came from Japan? It was gifted to my mom and she’s the type to save things for a special occasion. Ever day is a special occasion so I wear it often.


Since the kimono was doing all the work in this outfit, I kept the rest simple with light weas jeggings and a white tank. I let my cobalt blue fringe shoes come out to play for a while and the look was complete!


And doesn’t Monique look fantastic! I love her boho glam easy style.


Two for one


You know I have to make my clothes work for their spot in my closet! I don’t have a huge amount of wardrobe space nor unlimited funds so my clothes sometimes do double duty. I have been known on many occasions to wear an outfit to church on Sunday, then wear it again on Monday for work. If you didn’t see me, it doesn’t count!


I wore this dress to church on Sunday, can you believe it’s from Walmart? I keep telling y’all not to sleep on WallyWorld. I have gotten so many compliments every time I wear this dress. Remember you make the clothes, they clothes don’t make you. Then I was inspired to throw on a midi skirt to change the dress into a blouse. I was totally impressed with my genius and plan to do this again as the situation permits itself. I’ve become a fan of midi skirts of late and this Forever 21 number has been on constant rotation since I got it.


I changed very little of the original outfit with exception of adding the skirt and changed out the bag. I’m all about double duty that looks great!


Oh yeah, I’m co-hosting a weekly link up with my beautiful and sweet new blogger boo, Morgan over at her blog, Pampers and Pearls this week. Please go check her and the other bloggers out.



I’m usually over the top in my manner of dress #teamoverdressedforever but every now and then I appreciate the simplicity of less is more. Last night was one of those such times. I attended Yelp’s Moonbeam Bash: Cosmic Cosplay and I knew I wanted to be minimalistic in my dress. Instantly I knew what would fit the bill; my black jumpsuit! I purchased it years ago at Ross Dress for Less but I’ve only worn it once before. It wasn’t the staring player that time but this time, I gave it it’s day in the sun.


Jumpsuits have been getting their time to shine in the past few years but truthfully they’ve been around forever. They are the perfect piece to just let the wearer shine. It was drapey, long and slouchy, with nothing tight grabbing at you…just what you need when you are planning to eat quite a lot but still want to look fabulous while doing so.


All I added were multicolored chandelier earring (gorgeous but so heavy), silver strappy sandals and a large box clutch. It was such an elegant yet simple look. Just what the doctor ordered! Doesn’t my girl Katrice look fab!


And they were the coolest couple in the place….loved it! Please forgive the blurry pic, my camera was acting foolish, LOL.

An evening of glam and pampering


I’m your typical DIY gal when it comes to my nails, I rarely take the time to enjoy a professional mani/pedi however all that is about to change after last night. I was invited to experience the Marilyn Monroe Spas new nail lounge and experience is exactly what I did. This full service spa offers manicures, pedicures, waxing, facials and massages; all done in a upscale, beautifully designed setting complete with several gorgeous photos of Miss Marilyn Monroe herself  Don’t believe me, just look for yourself.




I allowed the lovely staff of Marilyn Monroe spas to pamper me with a polish change on my toes while sipping champagne and chatting with some of the fashion and beauty bloggers of Jacksonville. I’ll let you in on a little secret, truthfully one of the reasons I don’t regularly indulge in professional manicures is because of the concern about sanitary conditions. Well this spa has taken care of every detail by offering personal instruments that are cleaned and sanitized after each customer and vacuum sealed in it’s own little package as well as they do not use jetted tubs which is the prime source of bacteria that often leads to infection! But believe me, you won’t miss one second of being pampered, these ladies are professionals who desire to give you the royal treatment you deserve.  AWESOME!!! The polishes are the spas own brand and are vegan with 81 colors to choose from.




Now for the highlight of my evening…the chair massage! I am not a big fan of massages, they usually hurt and cause me more pain than when I arrived. Not.this.time. Honey I almost died and went to glory when this masseuse went to work on my back, neck, shoulders, hands and even my big, ole bald head. Yes, he massaged my troubles right out of my head! And to think I almost passed this 15 minutes of heaven up, don’t you make that mistake please!



They are offering some great concepts in membership that have got me seriously thinking about joining. Listen enough of my talking, go see what all the fuss is about yourself. Trust me you won’t be disappointed!


My sweet new buddies wpid-20150429_200354.jpg

wpid-20150429_213154-1.jpg Swag is always welcome!


wpid-20150411_113033.jpg I’ve adopted a relax and chill vibe on the weekends (which is how they should be) so I’ve been cultivating a wardrobe that matches the mood. Easy flowy dresses, denim shorts, caftans, tunics, tshirts and kimonos. Throw in a few swimsuits and flat sandals…my summer weekend wardrobe is complete. While I prefer a more tailored silhouette for work, my evening and weekend wear needs to be loose and relaxed.



This dress is a prime example of what I plan to be wearing all summer. Long, loose, flowing, colorful, you see where I’m going right? It’s light as the breeze that blows through the trees and I’m in love with it. All it requires is a flat metallic sandal and giant hoop earrings, can’t get any better than that.


And this is so perfect that it is in my beloved Jamaican flag colors!!


I’m on the hunt for dresses that fall into this criteria, hook a sister up and drop me a comment if you see any! Thanks!!

wpid-20150411_113024.jpg As usual I’m cracking up laughing like a fool!

I’ll be so blue without you


It’s World Autism Awareness Day and I’m wearing my blue loud and proud for my youngest son who has Autism! He is intelligent, funny, honest and sarcastic to the point I have to ask him if he realized he is being so. I wouldn’t trade one minute of him for anything so I wear blue to show the world that he and countless others like him matter. Their lives may be slightly different but they live and that is all that matters!!



On a side note isn’t this dress wonderful? It was gifted by eShakti some months ago and although I’ve worn it several times since I received it, I’ve never posted the look. It’s a lightweight material that is perfect for the hot Florida weather and I customized it by adding sleeves to it and changing the neck line to a scoop neck. They offer total customizing which is so awesome if I may say so myself. And it has….POCKETS!!! you know how I love my pockets.