49 and counting


I don’t refer to my age much not because I’m ashamed of it but more that I don’t think it’s relevant to blogging. Blogging transcends age, it’s a medium that levels the playing field. No matter what your age you have a voice to share with others. Today I’m gonna talk about age because I was recently featured as one of 15 Awesome over 40 bloggers…talk about honored, I was floored. I didn’t realize that anyone was taking notice of my little blog and that the someone was The Budget Fashionista. Style knows no age and I believe being older gives one a little edge as you’ve had many years to exercise your styling chops. As you get older you’ve usually worked out all the kinks, got all the crazy fads that really didn’t work for you out of your system and what’s left is your perfected personal look. The blogging world has been taken by storm with the 40 plus blogger, they are confident, sexy and not afraid to show their style to the world. There is several blogging communities devoted to the over 40 blogger. Sylvia who created 40+Style as well as Bella better known as The Citizen Rosebud showcase and celebrate the diversity of the mature blogger. I could go on about all these fabulous bloggers but I won’t, just check them out for yourself, I promise you won’t be sorry. I loved my youth but I am positively enthralled with my mature self. I have all the style with none of the ignorance that often comes with being young. And if you didn’t already guess my age is in the title of the post!.

  • http://www.considermelovely.com Rocquelle P.

    I am of the belief that style knows no age. You are 49 and FABULOUS my dear!!!

    • Cathy Witter

      All I have to say is I love me some Rocquelle!

  • http://livingoutsidethestacks.com/ DaenelT

    Congratulations on your inclusion. Such a great honor. You know I adore your style. Just so much fun.

    I’ve always had an “eclectic” style. Sometimes it’s caused me a bit of embarrassment because I didn’t feel comfortable around other people. You know, what I mean? Now that I’m older I’m much more comfortable in my skin and I appreciate my uniqueness. And, for the record, I’ll be 40 in March.

    • Cathy Witter

      Dani, you know we are in the mutual admiration club! I’m so glad that you have overcome your embarrassment because ain’t nothing to be ashamed of with your style! Yay, trust me you are entering into your most stylish and confident years.

  • followmarlaslife

    You look stunning. I love your t-shirt and that jacket is gorgeous.

    • Cathy Witter

      Marla, thank you! your support and encouragement means so much to me.

  • http://40plusstyle.com Sylvia_40PlusStyle

    Congratulations on making the list and thank you for the shout out of my blogger community list at 40+Style! Oh and that is such a gorgeous jacket. Fabulous outfit!

    • Cathy Witter

      Sylvia, your blog and community has inspired and challenged me to reach higher and keep dressing well a priority as I grow older. Thank you!

  • http://twitter.com/TrendySocialite Adeea Rogers

    You look amazing and are a definite inspiration.

    • Cathy Witter

      Thank you Adeea, It’s wonderful to hear that I am inspiring others…that truly is one of my main goals.

  • http://malcriada.net/ Jennifer Cooke

    Couldn’t have said it better myself. I’m so glad to have found your blog thru the Budget Fashionista roundup!

    Jennifer Malcriada