Business Chic Casual

Today was my first day at work and as far as good days,  it was a great day! I felt good and I looked good. The company I work for has an extremely relaxed business casual environment but that really isn’t my style, so I plan to maintain my own dress code which I have labeled “chic casual”. I just can’t get that casual but I don’t knock anyone who enjoys it.

You know I’m a dress gal so I can resume my love affair for feminine tailored frocks…I’m probably being extra but I’m use to it, LOL. I’m wearing another Gwynnie Bee dress from Coldwater Creek…animal print, pockets, fitted, oh yes! I think I might just purchase this one for my personal closet. I added definition to my waist with the orange belt that accompanied the dress then finished the look with a pair of pink pointy toed pumps. Gold jewelry added classic touches without being too loud.


Until the next post, go forth and please…Be stylish

  • Kurves

    Great dress on you. Hope you make a lot of friends at work.

    • Cathy Witter

      I’m looking forward to making new friends! :-)

  • nylse

    You look great. Congrats. Looking forward to more style posts.

    • Cathy Witter

      I’m having fun dressing again so you will see more outfit posts once again! Thank you.

  • TexasRose71

    I see you SIS!! LOVE IT. P.S. I’ll take them PANK shoes, K, and thanks! LOL

    • Cathy Witter

      Hey sis!!! Thank you! You can have those shoes, they are so chic but girl they hurt like crazy!

  • Glenyse

    Congrats on the new job….that dress is the business! I agree with you on the “chic casual” My place of business is jeans casual, every day. I too had to figure out my business style, because it seems more weekend casual. It took a little while, but I’ve found my groove.

    • Cathy Witter

      Thank you so much! My office had the same type of dress code. In my opinion they are a little too casual. I see some stuff that is either strictly weekend wear or what you wear to do work in the yard!