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bling social media tee


I loooove social media so much, I really do! And not for the branding prospects but for the building relationships. I have met so many incredible people on social media. So naturally when my friend Shan who owns Jewels by Jules, LLC offered to create a social media bling tshirt for me, I was ecstatic! Within days she had created and shipped my beautiful tshirt. And let me tell you, it is beautiful! Soft, gorgeous detail and the fit…let’s talk about it. I have never had a tshirt that fit me like this one. It fits like it was custom made for me, hugs gently at the waist without being tight. Love it so much!



And because I am so impressed with the quality of this shirt, I want to gift one of my readers with their own social media handle bling tee! All you have to do is leave me your blog name, Twitter or Instagram name with an explanation of what it means to you and you’re in the running to win it. It will be open to comment until New Year’s Eve and I will announce the lucky winner on New Years Day!


By the way, those waves will make you seasick, LOL! No enhancements, just water and a hard brush!

By the way, those waves will make you seasick, LOL! No enhancements, just water and a hard brush!

In the meantime if you just have to have your own right now please email Shan at and tell her I sent you…she’ll hook you up properly!

I’m looking forward to reading the backstory to your names.

Go forth and please…Be stylish

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  • Kurves

    So good to see you here and you look Great. The waves are tight. . Happy Holidays!!

  • Michelle’s SideEye

    @KrissyAlways on Twitter @itskristylove on Instagram but I’d want the shirt to say #SelfieGoddess

  • Daenel T

    How cute! I adore social media bling.

    My blog is Living Outside the Stacks. I’m a librarian and we call the shelves “stacks”, so I write about my life away from Library Land.

    On twitter, I’m DaenelT because that’s my name.

    And on Instagram I’m 4daenelt because I couldn’t come up with anything more clever. 😉

  • yaya_butter

    I liked this shirt when I saw it on Instagram!
    My blog is Yaya Butter. I created a hair and body butter for my girls and myself. I decided to call it Yaya Butter because I am getter up in age and hoped that one day I would have grandchildren. The name Yaya means grandmother in a few other countries. I just like the saound of yaya!
    On twitter and Instagram I use the same name yaya_butter