Saved and Stylish: It’s not one or the other

saved and stylish

Do I look like a Christian woman? Not only am I a Christian but I’m a minister in case you didn’t know. Now be warned I’m getting ready to get on my soapbox about the crazy ideas that some people have regarding Christian women and the way we dress. It has long been an issue for me to liberate women from believing the lie that if you are saved then you have to wear dresses down past your knees and sensible shoes. There’s nothing wrong with dresses past your knees, I wear them frequently however they should flatter the wearer. And no you don’t have to wear sky high heels to be fashionable, while I prefer a high heel, I do have a small collection of flats that are fun, comfortable and fashionable.

saved and stylish2

My issue lies in the belief that the way you dress suggests whether you are a Christian or not. Whether you are truly saved. Of course we are supposed to be different from the world, and we are look different as well. But looking different is not about what you wear so much as it is what your character is like. No salvation can be found in dressing frumpy, salvation is found in Jesus alone, there is no power to make you holy in the length of your skirt. Holiness is a lifestyle not a manner of dress. Yes, as Christian women we are called to to be modest but modest means not displaying your body in a way that deliberately will cause thoughts of lust.

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I will not dress like somebody’s great-great grandma (by the way I’m a grandmother) just to make people comfortable with me. I teach, preach and proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ with my whole heart….all in high heels and a form fitting dress sometimes. There is a time a place for all types of dress, I am mature enough to know what is appropriate and when. I am guided by the Holy Spirit that lives within me, I trust when He speaks to me. I do not allow outside influences to dictate to me what is godly apparel, I allow God to dictate what I wear or do not wear.

Ladies, please stop believing this myth…it is a lie! God wants your heart, not your hemline. You can be saved, stylish and sold out for Jesus! You can rock jeans and a tee with high heels and preach the power of God to the people. You can pray with the power of the Holy Spirit speaking in tongues and still wear a beautifully tailored dress that fits like a dream. Being saved and stylish is not a compromise, an either or, it’s all inclusive for those who know who they are in Christ and who know that Christ knows them too!

Go forth and please…Be stylish

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  • Sonia Dickinson

    Yes indeed Cathy!!!! You said that!!!! Being newly saved, this is something I struggled with and I thank you for making me feeling better about my fashion choices as a christian. lol

    • Cathy Witter

      Hi Sonia! I once struggled with what was supposed to be “Christian attire” I allowed what others thought was appropriate for me be my guide. I was unhappy with my appearance and resentful. Once I started feeling comfortable with letting my personality shine back through, I became confident that the Holy Spirit would guide me in my choice of clothing just like He guides me in everything else that I consult Him in. Be free sis, be you….God truly knows who you are, serve Him best by being you!

  • Curvatude

    “God wants your heart, not your hemline”! PREACH! love this!

    • Cathy Witter

      I’m so over this foolishness that says you have to dress a certain way to be a Christian. God says to be modest not frumpy! Thank you Jaye!

  • Reiko

    Preach! You look great!!

    • Cathy Witter

      You know I’m not ashamed to tell the truth, LOL! Thanks so much!

  • Rocquelle P.

    LOVE this!!! You better share the truth Cathy!

    • Cathy Witter

      Yes, ma’am I plan to…they ain’t gonna stop me!