Five days, five ways: The midi skirt


I’ve been bored with my wardrobe lately feeling like I want to burn it all and start anew. Since that’s not possible or practical, I’m trying to find new ways of wearing my clothes. I’ve found that the some of my best looks have been happy accidents, combinations that somehow came together by just spending time in my closet.

My wardrobe has always been so disposable, really trendy clothing that is more fast fashion than quality goods. I don’t think I have anything that is older than 5 years. As a mature, stylish woman, I need to acquire pieces that will stand the test of time yet satisfy my desire for of the moment fashion. Enter the full midi skirt, this skirt shape is once again enjoying it’s moment in the sun but it never truly goes out of style. It always reincarnates itself every few years because of the feminine silhouette it makes.


The mission presented and I do choose to accept it (sorry I had to do it) is to wear this beautiful black ASOS midi skirt for 5 days, Monday through Friday in 5 different ways. I will pair a variety of tops, mostly button ups and tees with 5 different pairs of shoes (I’m also vowing to wear all my shoes instead of my favorite few) paired with belts, scarves and or jewelry to give each day new life.



I participated in a similar challenge hosted by the beautifully clothed, delicious recipe creator Lexy of BeautyFash a few years ago and had such a great time challenging myself to curate 7 outfits from 1 black dress. Feel free to join in if you so desire and let me know if you do by using the hashtag, 5days5ways.

Go forth and please…Be stylish

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  • Antionette Blake

    I am loving your Instagram pics – doing great with the challenge. Hopped over from What to Wear to Work with Whitney!

    • ministerofstyle

      Thanks so much Antionette! I’m having fun with thinking up new ways to wear this skirt. I honestly didn’t expect it to go the way it has but I’m loving it.