Day Five: five days, five ways, the midi skirt: The End

Batman calling

Whoop whoop, I made it to Friday !!! And now I want to not see this skirt for a little while. Like a good little while except when I go somewhere that I can dress this up to be a one sleeved dress. I’ve already tried it and I’m in love. I’ll post the look whenever I get to test drive it, who knows when that will be…I don’t go out much but when I do, I will.

Batman calling

I’m not doing anything special with the skirt, I had to call on my superpowers, so I donned my Batman tshirt (oh you didn’t know, I AM Batman…now you know) to get to this point. I love my collection of character tshirts adn I don’t wait to wear them with jeans only. Worn properly you can wear them with anything. ¬†Fridays are pretty casual and even if we have clients coming in the office I can throw on a jacket and I’m good! (that’s the remedy for every look around here, throw on a jacket…instant polish)

Batman calling

But what I totally love is the silver sandals against my teal pedicure…it’s so pretty and fresh! Well I’ve got work to do, so I thank you so much for hanging out with me on this challenge. I had a ball and I hope you enjoyed my outfits. Peace!

silver  and teal

P.S I am so Happy Hour Ready in this outfit, I have one more look I could do with this skirt but that is not for daylight hours, it’s strictly an evening move….legs will be showcased!!!¬†

Go forth and please…Be stylish

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  • Kurves

    Mission accomplished and you look good and ready for the weekend!

    • ministerofstyle

      Thank you so much, I enjoyed doing it but I felt the pressure to maintain the daily posts. Yes I am weekend ready, LOL! Hope you have a great one.